Fix the traffic problems at Coorparoo Junction

Will you join with me, and Joe Kelly MP, in supporting Matthew Campbell's petition to fix the traffic problems around Coorparoo Junction?

We, the undersigned, call on the Brisbane City Council, and the Lord Mayor, to improve the safety and road conditions of the area around Coorparoo Junction, including Cavendish Road, Holdsworth Street, Harries Road, and Wakefield Street.

The following should be made priorities for the local community:

• Improvements, such as installation of signals or roundabouts, and/or realignment as appropriate, to the intersections of Holdsworth Street and Harries Road, and Holdsworth Street and Cavendish Road.

• Extension of a 24 hour ‘no stopping zone’ along the section of Cavendish Road between Old Cleveland Road and Holdsworth Street.

• Enhanced pedestrian markings for the slip lane from Harries Road to Old Cleveland Road

• Consultation on making Holdsworth Street and Wakefield Street one way only

• Safer pedestrian crossings across Holdsworth Street between Coorparoo Square and Woolworths