Campaigns & issues

I'm proud to be the Southside's voice heard in Canberra, fighting for what matters to locals.

On this page you'll find the campaigns that my team and I are involved with locally, and information about some issues important to Southsiders.

Terri Butler MP's Pensioners & Seniors Kit

My Pensioners and Seniors Kit provides a plain-English guide to government services and other information relevant to older Australians. Download your copy here.

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Do you know any emergency relief heroes that need urgent help?

Terri Butler MP is urging the Government to direct extra funding to local food banks and emergency relief organisations in Griffith that need help to meet a spike in demand caused by the Coronavirus crisis.

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Fix the asbestos risk

The old Red Cross Hall at Greenslopes has been sitting empty, falling into disrepair. The presence of asbestos of the site is obvious to everyone. The Morrison government needs to fix up the site urgently to prevent any further risk from the asbestos and any other contaminants. If they won’t do it, they need to find someone who will.

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Protect the SBS and ABC

Now, more than ever, Australians need the ABC – our strong, trusted and independent public broadcaster.

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Protect Penalty Rates

Tell Morrison to join with Labor to protect the wages and conditions of the lowest paid workers.

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