I'm proud to be the Southside's voice heard in Canberra, fighting for what matters to locals.

These are the campaigns that my team and I are involved with locally.

Busting traffic congestion

I'm fighting to bust traffic congestion and get the Southside's roads moving again.

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Better facilities for local sport

Local sports facilities and community clubs are the backbone of our community. I'm campaigning to improve local facilities. Will you join me?

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Queenslanders deserve our fair share of federal arts funding

Queensland deserves its fair share of federal arts funding. Queenslanders pay nearly 20 per cent of the nation’s individual taxes but receive only around 6 per cent of core arts funding. We don't get our fair share when it comes to Australia Council grants, either.

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Fix the asbestos risk

The old Red Cross Hall at Greenslopes has been sitting empty, falling into disrepair. The presence of asbestos of the site is obvious to everyone. The Morrison government needs to fix up the site urgently to prevent any further risk from the asbestos and any other contaminants. If they won’t do it, they need to find someone who will.

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Protect the SBS and ABC

Now, more than ever, Australians need the ABC – our strong, trusted and independent public broadcaster.

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