Protect Tafe


If you are serious about jobs you don’t cut money from TAFE and give $17 billion to the big banks.

But that’s exactly what Morrison has done – cutting more than $3 billion from TAFE, apprenticeships and vocational education – including $270 million in this year’s budget alone.

Since the Liberals came to government, Australia has lost 140,000 apprenticeship places nationwide.

TAFE cuts are hurting young workers who want to get their foot in the door, and older workers who need to reskill.

Youth unemployment is now above 20% in parts of the country and thousands of older workers have lost their jobs after the Liberals and Nationals abandoned the automotive manufacturing industry.

Labor will guarantee TAFE funding to give kids the opportunity to learn a trade and help older workers to re-skill.

We will waive the upfront fees for 100,000 TAFE students, and make one in ten employees on priority government infrastructure projects an apprentice.

And Labor will crack down on the abuse of 457 visas by big business and ensure jobs are advertised in Australia first.