Terri Butler MP's Pensioners & Seniors Kit

My Pensioners and Seniors Kit provides a plain-English guide to government services and other information relevant to older Australians.

Download your copy here.

Our country has been built on the hard work of senior Australians. They have made a tremendous contribution to the life and prosperity we enjoy today. We owe a duty as a nation to ensure that every older Australian in our community can age well – with the respect, support and opportunities they deserve. 

Seniors play crucial roles in our communities, families and civic life. This information kit contains helpful information about local services and pension entitlements, available to our older Australians, and how to access them.

Labor has fought hard to protect older Australians from the Coalition’s attacks on Medicare and hospitals, unfair cuts and changes to the pension, and from their plans to increase the pension age to 70. Recently, Labor pressured the Liberal/National Government to review Age pension deeming rates so that they more accurately reflect the low interest rates of current economic conditions. Currently, the deeming rates are too high, meaning that pensions are being reduced. Labor will continue to stand up for older Australians so that they can age with respect and dignity they deserve.