The True State of the Economy Under the Liberals

Under the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government, the economy is not working for working people.

Australians can feel for themselves that everything is going up except wages. All of the key economic indicators that matter are heading in the wrong direction.

Under the Liberals:

  • The economy is slowing off the back of falling business investment and low wages growth;
  • Living standards have stagnated;
  • Households are saving less and dipping into their pockets to pay for essentials;
  • Underemployment has hit record highs with 1.8 million Australians looking for a job or more work; and
  • Net debt has doubled while gross debt is at record highs, crashing through half-a-trillion dollars.

Labor has a different plan.

Our Fair Go Action Plan fixes schools and hospitals, delivers bigger, better and fairer tax cuts for workers, and puts money back into the pockets of everyday Australians.
That’s good for the whole economy.

Labor's booklet on the True State of the Economy Under the Liberals is available here.