Solar Panels for St Vincent de Paul South Brisbane

Solar Panels for St Vincent de Paul South Brisbane Main Image

This project will install 96 CEC approved solar panels and an inverter at our South Brisbane site, making the service more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. This is a very high priority for our organisation because of the high energy bills this site generates. The total cost of the project is $20,303, and if successful this funding will allow us to move forward. The installation of these solar panels will generate savings of $14,061 in the first year and $321,824 over the lifetime of the equipment for St Vincent de Paul Society Qld. These savings will be channeled back into the local community to support our most vulnerable. Without having to incur such high energy bills SVDP will be able to provide more food, assistance with bills to prevent eviction, clothing, housing and no interest loans etc. Further, this installation will reduce the carbon footprint of our site. It will allow our centre to be self-sufficient on solar energy and no longer reliant on the grid. Approximately 48 tons of carbon dioxide will be avoided with this installation; the equivalent to avoiding 1,411,168 kms of car travel or the planting of 9,072 trees.

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