Have your say on local community grants.

As the local MP, Terri is nominating up to twenty local projects to share in $150,000 in community grants.

These grants support small capital proposals that encourage and support participation in local projects, improve local community participation and contribute to vibrant and viable communities.

With only twenty grants up for grabs, Terri has some tough decisions ahead. 

So she is asking for community feedback to help her decide which projects to nominate.

Giving feedback is simple. Just use the survey at the bottom of this page. 

You can learn about each of the proposed projects by following the links on this page, or the individual surveys at the bottom of each proposal.

Feedback is requested by 5 pm Thursday 16 December 2021. 

WESSCK 2022 Future Revamp project

By West End Scott Street Community Kindergarten

The WESSCK 2022 Future Revamp project will enable the kindergarten to finish off major work projects and make the Kindergarten operation work easier for parents, teachers and students with the focus to further enable students to grow and be better prepared for their departure to Prep.

The Kindergarten has undergone a major revamp this year with the volunteer parent management electing to do many capital works to modernise the lighting outside the kindy, add in new sun shades for sun safety in QLD and have a redevelopment and modernisation of the climbing fort.

Safety Boat & Trailer

By Brisbane River Dragons Dragon Boat & Outrigger Canoe Club

Our club is located at Colmslie Recreation Reserve, Col Gardner Drive, 420 Lytton Road, Colmslie. Our Club offers paddling opportunities to residents of greater Brisbane region via various watercraft such as dragon boats, outrigger canoes and various smaller craft. All training is conducted from the beach area or boat ramp at the Reserve. This area is particularly busy with cargo / ferry / cruise vessel activity, plus increased traffic from recreational small boats and jet skis. The area is especially busy on weekends. The safety of our members is our number one priority.


By Queensland Maritime Museum Association

Queensland Maritime Museum (QMM) has an outstandingly significant historical maritime collection comprising approximately 60,000 objects and a substantial library. Temperature and Relative Humidity (RH) are key agents of deterioration in historical collections, with each affecting different types of materials in different ways.

A stable environment is essential for preserving QMM's collection and travelling exhibitions. Changes in temperature can increase the rate of biological or chemical deterioration and affect RH. High RH can generate dimensional changes in organic materials, make adhesives and photographic emulsions tacky, promote moulds and insect infestations and corrode metals. Low RH can generate dimensional changes in organic materials and lead materials to become dry and brittle. Potential for damage to QMM's collection and travelling exhibitions is great due to the effects of rapid fluctuation from an average minimum of 10.8 degrees in August and 30.5 degrees in January (with temperatures often well above and below those) and average RH ranging from 43-70% (and well above and below) annually. For the safe keeping of QMM's collection and temporary exhibits, the temperature should be stabilised within a range of 21°C ± 3°C and the levels of RH should be stabilised at 50% ± 10% for a collection consisting of mixed materials.

The only way to control QMM’s temperature and RH and effectively preserve its valuable and irreplaceable collection and travelling exhibitions is with air conditioning. Air conditioning QMM’s new ground floor gallery will greatly assist us to preserve its historically significant maritime collection and Australia’s maritime history and enable QMM to comfortably and safely display the collection for and educate up to 40000 visitors annually and host exciting and vibrant new travelling temporary exhibitions.

Restoration of the ex HMAS Swan Mast from WW11

By Naval Association of Australia Queensland Section

Our project is to facilitate the restoration of ex HMAS Swan Mast from WW11. The mast is from WW11 HMAS Swan which was badly damaged in the bombing of Darwin on 19th February, 1942 with fatalities and injuries to crew. The ship was sent to the South Brisbane Dry Dock for urgent repairs. Repairs and refurbishment to the mast will include the repainting and repair of the mast, the replacement of fittings, including stays and pulleys.

Mobile Cool Room Trailer

By Rapid Relief Team

Rapid Relief Team (RRT) are hoping to acquire a Mobile Cool Room Trailer to support their operations in Griffith. As a mobile charity RRT travels to wherever the need arises to provide emergency hot meals, refreshments, and drinks. As locations can be remote and isolated, it is always a challenge to keep adequate supplies of perishable food fresh, cool and safe for consumption.

Artificial Turf Replacement

By Bulimba Community Kindergarten

The purpose of this application is to address the refurbishment of the majority of the artificial grass play area. Recently the Kindergartens governing body, Lady Gowrie, performed a periodic inspection of the Kindy and raised concerns that the Soft Fall pads that are installed underneath the artificial turf in the playground were in-adequate and weren’t soft enough to ensure we meet the minimum Critical Fall Height requirements under AS/NZS standards.

Water Taps

By Clem Jones Centre Boxing Club

We will complete plumbing works to install additional access points so as to increase the amount of drinking water available to participants. This will make it easier for participants to access fresh water throughout the facility and stop people having to wait to access water during training breaks. It will also have a positive impact on the welfare of our participants, particularly during warmer days when easier access to water is vital to ensure safer, effective training.

Two New Laptops

By YMCA Cannon Hill Community Centre

Our community would like assistance in learning technology, such as how to use their smart phones, their tablets and computers. We have also had many requests for us to host Tax Help here, which assists the community with lodging their tax returns online and also assistance with filling out and lodging online forms and documents. We would like to purchase two laptops to use for a Community Technology Assistance Program. 

Technology supporting children’s learning - Harty Street Kindy

By Harty Street Community Kindergarten

Our project is to upgrade the technology in our kindergarten program by supplying new iPads for the collective use of the kindergarten classes. At Harty Street, we are committed to providing a progressive and relevant kindergarten program to children in our community. In this digital age, we recognise that technology is an integral part of the children's learning journey to complement our play-based and child-led curriculum.

Eastern Suburbs Hockey Club - outdoor seating

By Eastern Suburbs Hockey Club

The Club is seeking support to help replace the outdoor chairs at our facility which are provided for the comfort of facility users and guests, including those from other neighbouring community and sporting clubs. These chairs have become worn out and are breaking down, making them unsafe for use and meaning that community members will no longer have suitable places to sit throughout the day on site. This space is used by a range of community partners, even when the playing facilities on site are shut, allowing for many community members to be able to have a comfortable and safe space to relax, socialise and rest under cover.