Ice Bath Facility Upgrade

Ice Bath Facility Upgrade Main Image

By Carina Leagues Triathlon Club Inc

We manage an Ice Bath facility at our location as part of the Clem Jones Centre that is also used by several other organisations including partner sporting clubs, rehabilitation service providers and community groups. In recent years demand for access to the facility has been increasing resulting in the need to upgrade the ice bath to be able to better cater for demand from members and the wider community. We have recently upgraded the areas surrounding the tub and the cooling system however there is a need to improve the quality of the tub to ensure the facility can continue to operate and provide access to all groups desiring to use it. The project will increase the capacity of the ice bath, enabling more people and groups to use it regularly which will improve their overall health and wellbeing as a result, and expand the ability to use it for injury management and recovery above current levels.

We will upgrade the Ice bath tub which is used by our members as well as members of other club partners at the Clem Jones Centre. This will involve the removal of the existing tub and installation of a new tub which is larger and of higher quality, making it better able to cope with demand for access and provide improved quality of experience for all users. This will also allow more people to access the facility at any given time and help local sporting clubs offer a wider range of recovery services to their members.

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