Storage and Equipment Room Upgrade and new Training Wall

Storage and Equipment Room Upgrade and new Training Wall Main Image

By Mayfield Netball Club

The Club will purchase shelving and storage systems which will enable us to more safely and securely store items and equipment and better protect these assets from damage. Additionally, we will purchase two squeegees which will be used to help better maintain our courts and we will install a training wall to assist with expanding the number of players we can support at any given time as well a the range of training activities our coaches can undertake with their groups. Combined, the project will increase our ability to safely store and use items, provide a proper, secure location for items that form part of our Club's history, while also improving our ability to provide training spaces and clean and maintain the playing areas, greatly increasing the capacity and capability of the Club to support the community.

The project will enable us to more effectively store all our playing equipment, history/records and Club assets while also ensuring that they can all be stored in one location. This will remove trip hazards from the main clubhouse and open up the space to better support players and other community users of the site than we are currently able to. With demand for our programs and service trending back towards pre-COVI levels, the purchase of the two squeegees will enable our volunteers to more quickly and effectively maintain the facility and our playing surfaces, reducing injury risks as well as maintenance downtime which will support us getting more kids back into sport. The new training wall will provide the opportunity to increase the range of activities undertaken at training and support the development of new skills and competencies for participants, encouraging them to become more engaged and active as a result.