Upgrade of facilities and equipment

By Slav Fest Association Inc in partnership with Queensland Russian Community Centre

Slav Fest Association Inc has been organising Festivals of Slavic Culture since 2017. During the Festival event it is necessary to reproduce music for performers, run presentations, prepare printed promotional materials, film festival events, etc. Until now, festival organisers used their own computer facilities (personal computers, laptops, printers, cameras) and equipment. Strong Slav Fest supporter Queensland Russian Community Centre (QRCC) using their own resources recently purchased quality mixer and amplifier, but they do not have quality microphones to facilitate performance of choirs and folk groups. QRCC made available their premises for the Slav Fest events in the past (concerts, ethnic evenings, etc.), and is willing to support Slav Fest events in the future. Both QRCC and Slav Fest Association Inc need quality laser colour printers.

It will significantly improve capacity of organisations supporting the Festivals of Slavic Culture. More than ten communities participate in Slav Fests, and most events are conducted in Griffith electorate.