Fundraising and admin equipment for South Brisbane Men's Shed

By South Brisbane Men's Shed

Fund-raising is a vital, ever-present obligation in our organisation.

Our primary fund-raising source is involvement in periodic Bunnings BBQs. Under Covid conditions these opportunities have reduced in the last year, and the catering operations standards set by Bunnings have become more stringent, involving food standards improvements in our BBQ equipment. The BBQ opportunities are now improving in 2021, and we have already been acquiring some of the equipment now required. The BBQ events are very popular, large-scale events on weekends, requiring relatively large quantities of perishable materials to be purchased and stored in advance. There is very strong demand for event dates by local community groups, and a strong expectation that participant organisations are equipped and trained to the standard required by Bunnings.

We propose to acquire additional cold storage (a freezer) at the Shed. This allows us to meet Bunning's preferred standard for storage of fresh perishable food items (sausages and sliced onions) during a BBQ session, using chemical dry ice packs rather than wet ice. The freezer will also be used to store unused perishable stock after a BBQ event. We regularly use the surplus stock for BBQs at the Shed for members' social gatherings.

Admin equipment

We propose to acquire more reliable and secure computer equipment to be located at the Shed, with the purchase of two laptops with associated desktop screens, communications items and essential office software. The computers will also be used by member project groups (eg workshops, music) in their activities, so portability and connection to a large screen is important.