Environment and Water

Terri's media releases in her work as Shadow Minister for the Environment and Water.

$100 Million Envi-Rort-Ment funds for Morrisons benefit

March 03, 2020

Bombshell revelations in Senate Estimates today reveal that the Morrison Government has used the $100 million Environment Restoration Fund as yet another dodgy slush fund to re-elect Liberals and Nationals.

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World Wildlife Day cause for concern

March 03, 2020

It’s World Wildlife Day today and in 2020 Australia’s wildlife is confronting unprecedented challenges.

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Reef decoy report confirms PR role is for Morrison, not reef, should be abolished

February 13, 2020

The Morrison Government’s “Reef Envoy” role should be abolished, as Warren Entsch has confirmed he’s nothing more than a “Reef Decoy” tasked with marketing the Morrison Government rather than advocating for the Reef.

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Koala massacre disgrace highlights need for federal action now

February 07, 2020

Labor is calling on the Federal Environment Minister to take action to ensure federal environment laws impose strict penalties for acts of deliberate animal death, following the apparent massacre of koalas at Cape Bridgewater.

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Climate action opponent Pitt poses risk to water

February 06, 2020

Scott Morrison has put the management of Australia’s precious water resources into the hands of a climate action denier in new Water Minister Keith Pitt.

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Coalition goes to water on Murray Darling Basin Plan

February 05, 2020

The water wars in the Liberal and National parties continue with reports that the NSW Liberal National Government is refusing to hand over water resource plans and the Morrison Government is threatening to withhold vital funding.

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