$100 Million Envi-Rort-Ment funds for Morrisons benefit

03 March 2020

Bombshell revelations in Senate Estimates today reveal that the Morrison Government has used the $100 million Environment Restoration Fund as yet another dodgy slush fund to re-elect Liberals and Nationals.
Shadow Minister for the Environment and Water Terri Butler said that Morrison Government has never seen a fund they didn’t want to rort.
“The Morrison Government throws public money around like it’s dodgy Coalition election confetti. It’s an absolute disgrace,” Ms Butler said.
“This Government has now rorted sports funds, congestion funds and environment funds. We now have sports rorts, pork and ride and envi-rort funds.
“The Prime Minister is up to his neck in this dodgy culture of target seat rorts.”
Shadow Cabinet Secretary Senator Jenny McAllister said that it was clear the Morrison Government had no respect for proper process, and no respect for public funds.
“These revelations are a damning indictment on the Morrison Government’s complete lack of integrity. They reveal a planned and targeted approach for re-election, abandoning fair process, to preselect projects for political gain,” Senator McAllister said.
“The Morrison Government has breached the trust of the Australian people, while reaching into their pockets to pay for party political rorts.”
Key findings:

  1. Funded projects largely in Coalition and Coalition target seats (Labor analysis - approx. 69.1%)
  2. The successful projects were announced up to seven months before the guidelines were developed.
  3. The Non-competitive, closed selection process has yet to be publicly justified under the mandatory Commonwealth Grant Guidelines, which states ‘where it is proposed to use a method other than a competitive, merit based selection process, officials should document why this approach has been used.” 

Labor’s committed pursuit of these rorts has exposed this government for what it is - a hollow marketing outfit, headed by a salesman, not a leader.