Environment and Water

Terri's media releases in her work as Shadow Minister for the Environment and Water.

Meeting of Environment Ministers is a reminder that this government has no plan for our country

November 08, 2019

The tired third-term Morrison Government has no plan for our country and nowhere is that more evident than in environment policy. It has been more than a month since Scott Morrison lectured the UN general assembly about recycling and said waste exports would be banned from 2020.

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ACCC water inquiry kicks off but you won't find "fairness" in the terms of reference

November 07, 2019

With water prices skyrocketing under the Morrison Government’s watch, it’s no wonder there are a lot of people expected at today’s water inquiry public forum in Mildura.

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Morrison and Marshall Governments must now release 7-months overdue desalination report

November 07, 2019

The Commonwealth and South Australian governments must now release their 7 months overdue feasibility study, following today’s announcement that the Adelaide Desalination plant would be used to make up to 100GL of water available in the southern connected Murray-Darling Basin.

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Head of water market inquiry confirms Coalition failure on drought

November 06, 2019

In an interview on ABC Radio National on Wednesday morning, ACCC Deputy Chair and head of the Murray Darling Basin water markets inquiry Mick Keogh confirmed what farming communities have known for some time: that the Coalition Government has done nothing to prepare farming communities for drought since 2013.   We are in the midst of the most extreme drought on record, towns are running out of water and the Government has failed to take any...

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Opinion piece: Environment law review: cuts and mismanagement at heart of Morrison government fai...

November 05, 2019

The second 10-yearly review of Australia’s most significant environmental law, which commenced last week, must not be an opportunity for misdirection.   The Liberals and Nationals have not increased the amount of environmental regulation during their time in office, but under their government, delays in project approvals have got much worse.

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Labor continues call for creation of Antarctic Marine Park

November 04, 2019

Labor shares the frustration of conservationists across Australia who have called for the creation of an East Antarctic Marine Protected Area, following last week’s failed bid.

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