Environment and Water

Terri's media releases in her work as Shadow Minister for the Environment and Water.

Morrison hypocrisy on dams knows no depths

By Terri Butler MP

25 January 2021

Reports today that Scott Morrison is complaining about dam delays reveal a startling level of hypocrisy after eight years of Coalition inaction on water security.

Morrison government delays and denies environmental transparency

By Terri Butler MP

15 January 2021

Today’s reports that the Morrison Government has been increasingly blocking and delaying Freedom of Information requests about environmental decision-making further demonstrate the Government’s hatred of scrutiny.

Transcript - press conference - Great Barrier Reef

By Terri Butler MP

13 January 2021

Well, it is so great to be here today in Cairns, my hometown. I always come back to Cairns as much as I possibly can, having grown up here. But today, I'm here to be here in my capacity as the Shadow Minister for the Environment and Water.
I’m in Cairns today, and we were here yesterday, to visit the Great Barrier Reef, a wonder of the natural world, such an important place for the entire globe, an important place of course for Australia, and for Queensland.

Labor welcomes late appointment of indigenous MDBA Board member

By Terri Butler MP

19 December 2020

Labor has today welcomed the Morrison Government’s appointment of a permanent Indigenous Authority Member for the Murray Darling Basin Authority board.

Another interim toothless water cop

By Terri Butler MP

16 December 2020

The Morrison Government has appointed yet another interim, toothless water cop for Australia’s environmentally unique and economically critical Murray Darling Basin, following the abolition of the previous interim role. 

Ramsar boundaries must be respected

By Terri Butler MP

04 December 2020

Another day, another historic example of Josh Frydenberg trying to change the rules to help his mates.

Calls to list the platypus as a threatened species

By Terri Butler MP

01 December 2020

Another Aussie icon is at risk of extinction under the Morrison Government, as researchers and environmental groups call for the listing of the platypus to be listed as threatened.

Morrison Government is failing koalas

By Terri Butler MP

23 November 2020

The Morrison Government has finally announced a koala audit, ten months after Labor first called for a national ecological audit in the wake of the bushfires.

50 press releases, zero loans: Morrison's failed $2 billion water loan facility

By Terri Butler MP

05 November 2020

The Government wrote fifty press releases but zero loans during the four-year life of Scott Morrison’s failed $2 billion water loan facility.

Water grid election promise still not delivered

By Terri Butler MP and Senator Murray Watt

21 October 2020

The Morrison Government has still not delivered a statutory water authority, a central plank of their election commitment to drought-ravaged communities.