Environment and Water

Terri's media releases in her work as Shadow Minister for the Environment and Water.

Water Minister Doesn't Know if Climate Change is Real

September 11, 2019

In a startling admission, the Morrison Government’s Water Minister, Mr Littleproud has confirmed he doesn’t know whether human induced climate change is real.

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Angus Taylor Must Go

September 10, 2019

The Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction, Angus Taylor, has admitted to breaching the Statement of Ministerial Standards and should resign or be sacked by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

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Stop Passing the Buck on Water Speculation

September 09, 2019

Reports today that water speculation is driving water prices up and creating significant issues for farmers and communities in the Murray Darling Basin, require serious action from the Federal Government.

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Coalition Reef/Climate Policy in Crisis

August 30, 2019

On a day where Australia’s emissions are continuing to escalate, the condition of Australia’s greatest natural wonder has been downgraded yet again. The 2019 Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report, issued by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), downgraded the long-term outlook for the Reef’s ecosystem from ‘poor’ to ‘very poor’.

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Morrison Government Denial and Reef Decoy Shaping as Key Threat to Future of Reef

August 14, 2019

In an extraordinary interview on her first visit to the Great Barrier Reef, Minister Sussan Ley has downplayed the serious issues confronting the Reef and stood by while her Reef Envoy questioned the science of climate change and coral bleaching.

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Science and Reef Policy Hijacked by LNP Right Wing

August 12, 2019

Reports today that George Christensen is attempting to dictate what type of science should be used to judge the health of the Great Barrier Reef will sound the alarm bells for Australians concerned about its future.

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