Another day, another Angus Taylor scandal

30 April 2020

Following fresh revelations in the dodgy documents scandal, Angus Taylor has created another headache for the Morrison Government. 

A three year federal government investigation into Jam Land, the company part-owned by Mr Taylor, has found the company breached Australia’s environmental law by poisoning critically endangered grasslands. 

Labor is calling for Scott Morrison to finally show leadership on the integrity crises engulfing Mr Taylor and sack him immediately.
Mr Taylor has already admitted he was looking after his private interests on this matter, on ABC radio in July 2019.

Last year a Senate inquiry report found that Mr Taylor breached the ministerial standards and sought to use his ministerial position to obtain special treatment.

Dodgy activity seems to follow this Minister wherever he goes, yet Scott Morrison has failed to act. It’s clear that Mr Morrison has one rule for Liberal mates and another for everyday Australians.