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Australian mammal numbers plummet under Coalition's watch

April 22, 2020

A new Threatened Mammal Index launched today reveals that more than a third of Australian mammals have been lost over a 20 year period.
Liberal/National Federal Governments have been in power for a great majority of this time and their failures are staggering during this period.
The report follows recent revelations that more than 100 plant and animal species are under imminent threat which is  a stark reminder that the Morrison Government has been devastatingly slow to act on bushfire recovery.
Experts have warned that a billion animals perished in the bushfires. This loss of wildlife, coupled with the decimation of habitat, which is not yet accounted for in the new index, has pushed many Australian species to the brink of survival.
Seven months after the bushfires commenced in September 2019, the Morrison Government had failed to make a significant impact on bushfire recovery efforts to protect Australian fauna and flora.
Cuts to the Federal Environment Department, estimated at close to 40 per cent since the Liberals and Nationals came to government, have left Australia ill-equipped to preserve and protect our beloved national icons.
The Morrison Government has failed to implement recovery plans for threatened species, with estimates that fewer than 40% have a national recovery plan, and the government is clueless about whether existing plans are being implemented.
There are also more than 100 Australian mammal species listed as threatened or vulnerable, but there is still not enough data to know whether their populations are declining.
Labor launched a constructive call to action back in January urging the Government to conduct a national ecological audit, – with boots-on-the-ground and in-the-field monitoring – to assess the extent of the damage, but that did not happen.
Labor reiterates its call for a national ecological audit to assess and address the damage to Australia’s precious fauna and flora.
We cannot afford to lose our iconic Australian animals, like the koala, to the Morrison Government’s inaction.