Blue tape Morrison is a JobDelayer: Jobs and Environment failures exposed

03 August 2020

Reports today confirm industry concern about resourcing in the environment department. Liberal and National cuts to the environment department of 40 per cent since 2013 have resulted in a 510 per cent blow out in project approval delays.
Since 2014, job and investment delays resulting from federal environment decisions have exploded from 19 days to a massive 116 days, almost 4 months, over the statutory timeframes on average in 2018-19.
That’s a 510 per cent increase in the average delays since the Liberals and Nationals came to government.
The law hasn’t become stricter in this time; the Morrison Government’s woeful performance is the problem. 
The total number of decisions being made has gone backwards, further exposing this Government’s single-handed responsibility for the delays.
When the Morrison Government says ‘green tape’, it appears they mean the delays they have caused.
These delays are caused by “blue tape” – the 510 per cent delays directly resulting from Liberal and National cuts and mismanagement in the environment department.
This Government has a seven-year-long record of tying up jobs and development in Liberal Party blue-tape. During this time the Government has unnecessarily delayed tens of billions of dollars’ worth of projects.
Scott Morrison claims to be a JobMaker, but he’s a JobDelayer.
An astonishing 95 per cent of all Morrison Government key decisions[i] on major projects were late in 2018-19. 
By 2018-19, after years of Liberal and National cuts and mismanagement, just five per cent of key decisions were made on time.
The Environment Department cuts have smashed its capacity to make good decisions and led to an explosion in delays.
79 per cent of approval decisions have been found to contain error or not comply with the law. That means Scott Morrison’s Government gets things wrong 79 per cent of the time on major approvals. 
The Commonwealth Auditor-General also found the Environment Department failed to protect endangered wildlife.
Scott Morrison is more interested in getting a headline than helping people to get jobs in mining and infrastructure or protecting Australia’s environment.