Climate action opponent Pitt poses risk to water

06 February 2020

Scott Morrison has put the management of Australia’s precious water resources into the hands of a climate action denier in new Water Minister Keith Pitt. 
Shadow Minister for Water, Terri Butler MP says “Australians want certainty in water management. Instead, we get Scott Morrison’s chaotic anti-science, ministerial musical chairs, colour-coded especially for the National Party.”
“Climate change significantly affects water availability, but the new Minister in charge doesn’t understand or accept the need for serious action on climate change.”
After Barnaby Joyce dumped him in 2017, Mr Pitt made it back into the ministry three months later.
But he resigned from the Ministry less than six months after that because he thought even the Morrison Government’s non-existent climate policy was too much.
“The Morrison Government Ministry of No Merit hands out promotions, just like public funds, as gifts, based on political favours, not what’s best for the country or our precious water resources,” Terri Butler said.
Minister after Minister has failed to properly protect Australian’s precious water resources, while farmers, communities and Australians more broadly, count the cost.
“How can the Minister protect Australia’s water supply and the Murray Darling Basin if he doesn’t understand or accept the facts driving disastrous outcomes for water availability?” Terri Butler said.
Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy Mark Butler outlined the facts:
The Murray Darling Basin Authority has stated:
“Changes in global and regional climate patterns are having significant impacts on the availability of water for both communities and the environment throughout the Murray–Darling Basin.
The CSIRO have previously noted:
“Climate change by 2030 is likely to reduce average river flows by 10 per cent to 25 per cent in some regions of southern Australia but further climate change could produce even more profound reductions of water resources in southern Australia.”
“It looks like Keith Pitt did a deal as part of the National’s leadership chaos and now he has been gifted the water portfolio.” Terri Butler said.
“This promotion shows that Scott Morrison doesn’t care about protecting the Murray Darling Basin, because he keeps promoting climate action deniers into portfolios that are critically impacted by climate change.
“Scott Morrison’s judgement is seriously flawed, the Liberals and Nationals are in chaos and at war over climate action, and the Government has no plan for our nation,” Terri Butler said.