Coalition goes to water on Murray Darling Basin Plan

05 February 2020

The water wars in the Liberal and National parties continue with reports that the NSW Liberal National Government is refusing to hand over water resource plans and the Morrison Government is threatening to withhold vital funding.
Water policy chaos is hurting regional communities already battered by years of severe drought.
Communities across Australia are running out of water with new reports suggesting up to 55 are in danger of reaching day zero, with many already there.
The more the Coalition focuses on itself, the less it is focused on delivering outcomes for Australians experiencing drought and protecting the Murray Darling Basin.
Murray Darling Basin communities and Australians more broadly deserve action to address the avalanche of scandals and water integrity issues which are undermining public confidence in the Basin’s operation.
The Morrison Government is so paralysed by the Coalition’s internal politics of water and its own political self-interest that it has dropped the ball on protecting the Murray Darling Basin for future generations.
As a result, trust and confidence in water management is at an all-time low.
A lack of water transparency is hurting farmers in the Murray Darling Basin, putting a handbrake on our economy and crushing confidence.
Recently, the Minister for Water issued an astonishing statement admitting the Government was clueless about what was happening in the water market.
The Morrison Government has no plan to restore confidence in water policy and management in Australia’s most important river system.
After more than six years overseeing the Murray Darling Basin, the Morrison Government is still clueless about what is happening in the Basin and incapable of finding solutions to help communities that are hurting.