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Cuts harm Australia's capacity to act on Aussie icons extinction threat now

June 14, 2020

Australian icons like the platypus can’t afford more inaction from the Morrison Government, with reports that it is on the brink of extinction.
Additionally, it is estimated that 50 nationally threatened animal and plant species are estimated to have lost 80% of their living area impacted by bushfires with 65 more losing more than half their area.
Cuts to the federal environment department, estimated at close to 40% since the Liberals and Nationals came to government, has left Australia ill-equipped to preserve and protect our beloved national icons.
The Morrison Government has failed to implement recovery plans for threatened species, with estimates that fewer than 40% have a national recovery plan, and the government is clueless about whether existing plans are being implemented.
In 2018, the Morrison Government also reportedly cut the biodiversity and conservation division of the environment department by nearly a third.
This government has been slow to act on the bushfire crisis on all fronts.
They must act now, decisively, by immediately mobilising more Australian scientists, land and species management specialists to intervene in this ecological crisis.
The Morrison Government must immediately explain to Australians how it will urgently act to preserve species, not next week, next month or next year, but today.
Australians are still unclear on what actions the government is taking and when they will occur. What is clear is that our iconic Australian species, and those less prominent but just as important to our ecosystem, need urgent action now.
Labor called for a national ecological audit and the mobilisation of an army of specialists to intervene, before the government announced its recent funding package.
Labor is calling for genuine coordinated national action from the Morrison Government, before it is too late.
The nation’s environment ministers need to come together immediately to roll out a recovery operations for threatened species in key areas, including the platypus.
Australians can see that this do-nothing Government has no plan for the national bushfire crisis, our precious wildlife and land and the nation more broadly.