By Terri Butler MP

22 June 2021

Nationals Senators have today voted against the implementation of the Murray Darling Basin Plan in full and on time.

Barnaby Joyce has long played a destructive role in the Murray Darling Basin, attempting to tear up the Plan before it had been implemented.
Mr Joyce famously told South Australians to move to where there was more water. When he was last leader of the Nationals he declared there wasn’t a “hope in Hades” of delivering the 450 gigalitres promised.
He was responsible for the controversial “Watergate” purchases which saw a Caymans-based company make a record profit.
And just hours after Mr Joyce again became the Leader of his party, Nationals Leader in the Senate Bridget McKenzie and her colleagues vote against the Murray Darling Basin Plan.
That despite Nationals Minister for Water, Keith Pitt, reaffirming the Government’s commitment to recovering the 450 GL needed to achieve enhanced environmental outcomes.
This Government is a Coalition of chaos. Basin communities are paying the price.
The Nationals Minister for Water must now make clear the Nationals’ position on water.