Morrison government mismanagement smashed by Auditor General report

25 June 2020

The Auditor-General has delivered a report smashing the Morrison Government’s credibility and management of major project approvals and environmental protection.

The report is entitled Referrals, Assessments and Approvals of Controlled Actions under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Report No.47 2019-20).

The report finds that 79% of approvals were non-compliant or contained error (p.6), conflicts of interest are not managed (p.9), most decisions were not made within statutory timeframes (p.9) and the Morrison Government doesn’t monitor environmental outcomes they are responsible for monitoring (p.10).

This government gets more things wrong than it gets right. This disastrous report proves that the Morrison Government is the problem on environmental protection and job delays for major projects.

Australia is in the midst of an extinction crisis. 1 billion animals died and 12 million hectares burned during national bushfire crisis, but we have a government asleep at the wheel of Australia’s devastated environment.

Scott Morrison is the new blue-tape: Liberal-National cuts and mismanagement which have delayed jobs, hurt investment and is failing Australia’s environment comprehensively.

Scott Morrison blames the law, the states and Labor, but the EPBC Act hasn’t changed substantively during the Liberals and Nationals’ time in office.

Delays in project environment approvals under the Liberals and Nationals have exploded since the Liberals and Nationals came to office in 2013.

Late project decisions blew out to 40 per cent on their watch, up from 14 per cent when they came to office. And the total number of decisions went backwards.

At the same time, since 2013, the Liberals and Nationals have cut environment department funding by almost 40 per cent.

This Government has simultaneously posed a threat to the job prospects of Australians in the resources sector, and Australia’s environment.

This Government never delivers, someone or something else is always to blame, and it is the Australian people who suffer the consequences.

The driver of this Government’s woeful job-delaying, investment jeopardising and environment neglecting performance is Scott Morrison.