Morrison hypocrisy on dams knows no depths

By Terri Butler MP

25 January 2021

Reports today that Scott Morrison is complaining about dam delays reveal a startling level of hypocrisy after eight years of Coalition inaction on water security.

After talk of building 100 dams before coming to government in 2013, the Liberal and Nationals, now in their eighth year, have built zero dams.
To add insult to injury, as Treasurer Scott Morrison announced a $2 billion water loans scheme, back in 2016, which in its four years of life issued zero loans.
Despite the scheme being an abject failure, the Liberals and Nationals issued fifty press releases during its four year run, lauding it as a drought-proofing measure. The scheme was abolished in October, at the Budget.
In the same Budget the Morrison Government pointed to Emu Swamp Dam near Stanthorpe as their sole example of dam building. It's in one of the state’s most drought-ravaged regions - a place so dry they are still trucking in water.
But construction has not started on the Emu Swamp dam, and the Morrison Government had taken 12 months to send its funding paperwork to the Queensland Government.  Just another example of the Morrison Government being all talk and no delivery.
We already know Scott Morrison is all announcement and no delivery. Now he’s hypocritically calling for action on dams after eight years of failure.
Scott Morrison is more concerned with marketing himself than helping the communities he has left behind. He never delivers.
Instead, Australians get broken promises, sports rorts, dodgy land deals and a dud NBN.