Morrison jobs failure thanks to cuts and mismanagement in environment

21 May 2020

Reports today that delays in project approvals under the Morrison Government have exploded since they came to office are a reminder that cuts to the Environment Department have caused delays in projects and jobs.
Instead of acknowledging the mismanagement of approvals by his own Government, Senator Canavan wants to cut the environment protections that are central to keeping local communities healthy and safe from project impacts.
Since their election in 2013, delays in project environmental approvals have skyrocketed, even though there has not been an increase in environmental regulation.
Late project decisions blew out to 40 per cent on their watch, up from approximately 15 per cent when they came to office. And the total number of decisions went backwards.
At the same time, since 2013 they have cut Environment Department funding by almost 40 per cent.
Devastating cuts and mismanagement in the environment department have delayed jobs and investment through exploding major project delays.
This Government has simultaneously posed a threat to the job prospects of Australians in the resources sector and Australia’s environment.
Cutting protection for Australia’s bushfire devastated environment is the wrong prescription for a self-inflicted wound.