By Terri Butler MP

15 October 2020

Visiting Warwick and Stanthorpe, Shadow Environment and Water Minister Terri Butler has criticised the Morrison Government’s handling of critical water infrastructure in the Southern Downs.

Ms Butler said the Morrison Government has dragged its feet for more than a year before finally sending a funding agreement for Emu Swamp Dam.

“The Morrison Government loves making announcements, but they never deliver, and it’s always hardworking Australians who pay the price,” she said.

“Their government is now in its eighth year. Before getting elected, they promised to build 100 dams, but they are yet to build one.

“On Budget night in this government’s eighth year the Treasurer was finally able to point to just one single dam that is being built under the Liberals and Nationals’ watch – Emu Swamp Dam.

“But what he didn’t say was it took the government more than a year to send through the paperwork so that money could flow.

“That is more than a year after the Palaszczuk Government committed funding for this vital water infrastructure, which they then turned around rapidly.

“Promises aren’t enough, Australia needs a government that delivers,” Ms Butler said.

Labor Candidate for Southern Downs Joel Richters said water security is the number one issue for the region.

“What we have seen today, and what we see every day, is these water trucks having to cart truckload after truckload of water from Warwick to Stanthorpe,” he said.

“I’m pleased that the Palaszczuk Labor Government is funding and supporting this important work.

“The Palaszczuk Labor government has the runs on the board when it comes to water, in stark contrast to the Morrison Government which talks a big game but is slow to deliver,” he said.

A year on from her last visit, with Labor Leader Anthony Albanese, Shadow Minister for the Environment and Water Terri Butler continues her tour of the region meeting with farmers and locals concerned about water security.