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Morrison's snail pace on bushfire money hurts recovery as wildlife is on the brink

May 12, 2020

People, communities and Australian wildlife are being left behind by Scott Morrison’s snail pace bushfire recovery eight months after the bushfire season began in 2019.
While Labor welcomes any additional funds for the perilous state of Australian wildlife following the bushfires, we remain deeply sceptical about the government’s announcement.
The Liberals and Nationals have ripped hundreds of millions of dollars out of Australia’s environment funding since coming to office in 2013.
Despite the fanfare and flurry of announcements since the bushfires, Scott Morrison has spent just 1 in 8 of dollars of the funds he promised Australian communities devastated by bushfires.
More than 1 billion animals perished, 12 million hectares of land burned, lives, homes and livelihoods were lost, but the federal government has gone missing in action on recovery.
Scott Morrison has rushed to the nearest podium for a press conference, but has been devastatingly slow to act on bushfire recovery. 

Australian wildlife is on the brink and Australia is facing an extinction crisis.

Unfortunately some of the Morrison Government’s most hyped up bushfire funding pledges are yet to receive a single dollar.
The Morrison Government are the kings of spin, but the court jesters of bushfire recovery, unfortunately this is no laughing matter.
Australian communities and wildlife recovery groups on the frontline of bushfire recovery will be wondering why they repeatedly hear announcements about a $2 billion dollar fund in the news, but see little impact on the ground.

The Liberals and Nationals have cut the environment department by an estimated 40 per cent since they came to government. They have failed to implement recovery plans for threatened species, with estimates that fewer than 40 per cent have a national recovery plan, and the government is clueless about whether existing plans are being implemented.

Labor reiterates its call for a boots-on-the-ground national ecological audit of the extent of the damage to assess and address the damage to Australia’s precious fauna and flora.
We are just months away from Australia’s next bushfire season and the Morrison Government has barely started investing the money required to recover from the last one.