National Bushfire Crisis Taking An Environmental Toll

06 January 2020

Australians have been devastated to see the loss of life and property that has occurred as a result of the national bushfire crisis.
It is immensely tragic that so many lives and properties have been lost. The human impacts of the fires must be the first concern. And our nation owes an unrepayable debt to those who are risking everything to fight these fires.
Australians are also concerned about the grave impact of the fires on the environment, including on endangered species, as well as animal and plant life more broadly.
Australians are seeing heartbreaking pictures of the impact on native species such as the koala and the dunnart.
With scientists warning of the fires’ ecological toll, the Morrison government must consider the impact of bushfires on animal and plant life, in any response to the fires.
The government must ensure that science is at the centre of environmental decision-making during the national bushfire crisis, and in its wake.