PM neck-deep in dodgy marginal seat rorts culture

30 January 2020

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is neck-deep in a culture of marginal seat rorts, which has flourished under his leadership.

In April 2019, the Prime Minister defended two members of his Government who announced environment grants for community groups in the marginal seat of Dunkley, before the grants process had even opened.

Then Victorian Liberal MP Chris Crewther published a since-deleted video of himself and then environment minister, Melissa Price, announcing tens of thousands of dollars in grants to environment groups, through Government’s Communities Environment Program.

The pair issued a media release announcing the grants, despite environment department officials confirming that applications had not opened, funding had not been appropriated and no grants would be awarded until mid-way through 2019.

Scott Morrison now has a tawdry trifecta of marginal seat slush funds, following scandals with the sports rorts, drought communities and communities environment programs.

This win-at-all-costs, marketing-first, outcomes-for-the-Australian-people-last mentality is now deeply ingrained in Scott Morrison’s chaotic political culture.

So why does the Prime Minister leap to the defence of dodgy rorts exponents in his Government?

Scott Morrison sets the culture of his Government and it’s rotten to the core.

This money doesn’t belong to the Liberal and National parties. It belongs to the Australian people.

Australians can see that Scott Morrison doesn’t have a plan for Australia, only a plan for partisan political advantage using public funds to do it.