By Terri Butler MP

11 February 2021

The Productivity Commission has slammed the Morrison Government on water, including a project that is projected to deliver water at almost 45 times the cost of existing water. 

The Morrison Government has come under fire for its lack of transparency, skewed decision-making and governance failures.

One of the Morrison Government’s partly-funded future projects, Dungowan dam near Tamworth, has come under specific criticism. 

The Commission said that if the additional  water expected to be provided by the dam was issued as entitlements at full cost, it would be valued at more than $60 000/ML — almost 45 times more than current prices of about $1341/ML.

After their talk of building 100 dams before they took office eight years ago, the Liberals and National have built zero dams. 

They made the promise and it’s up to them to justify it. And they should also assure Australians that public monies are being spent wisely.

Also, the Liberals and Nationals  abolished the National Water Commission when they were elected, and now the Productivity Commission has  exposed the so-called National Water Grid Authority as a policy mirage. 

It’s not transparent, it’s too narrow, and it’s not up to making sure Australians have water security.

The Productivity Commission has also slammed the government for increasing the trigger for Infrastructure Australia assessment from $100 million to $250 million — removing independent scrutiny of water infrastructure proposals.

Farmers, communities and our environment are being left behind by the Morrison Government.