Ramsar boundaries must be respected

By Terri Butler MP

04 December 2020

Another day, another historic example of Josh Frydenberg trying to change the rules to help his mates.

A letter released under freedom of information shows the then-Environment Minister, Josh Frydenberg, argued that the boundaries for the Moreton Bay Ramsar wetland could be redrawn to accommodate a specific development.
The proponent had previously lobbied Mr Frydenberg about the project.
Mr Frydenberg’s 2017 letter indicated that amending the boundaries for the internationally protected wetlands would need to be done by demonstrating “urgent national interest”.
Of course, My Frydenberg has history as Environment Minister.
As Environment Minister Mr Frydenberg’s office arranged a meeting between departmental officials and Angus Taylor to discuss delisting endangered grasslands. 
The delisting would have affected the value of a property that Mr Taylor part-owned.
Today’s revelations reinforce the need for strong national environmental standards and a strong independent cop on the beat.