Taylor must go: Senate inquiry finds embattled Angus Taylor breached Ministerial Standards

05 December 2019

A Senate inquiry report released last night shows that embattled Minister, Angus Taylor, breached the ministerial standards and sought to use his ministerial position to obtain special treatment. 
The Environment and Communications References Committee’s interim report into the faunal extinction inquiry found that Mr Taylor:
…. did not only fail to disclose his vested interests, but also sought to use his Ministerial office and Parliamentary connections to obtain special treatment for himself and his family, which is not offered to any other landholder in Australia.   [Paragraph 3.155].
Mr Taylor's actions represent not only a contravention of the Morrison Government's own Ministerial Standards, but have also fallen well short of the public expectations of the integrity of the Government and Parliament. [Paragraph 3.158].

Mr Taylor has consistently failed to disclose to the Parliament his private financial interests in Jam Land Pty Ltd, a family company currently subject to a compliance investigation by his own department.
It is recommended the Australian National Audit Office conduct a performance audit of the Department of Environment and Energy’s compliance actions, particularly given the long running nature of the Jam Land compliance investigation.
The report also highlights concerns with the conduct of Josh Frydenberg who arranged a meeting for Mr Taylor in 2017 with the Environment Department to discuss the environmental listing at the heart of the investigation.
The report is another example of a pattern of behaviour from Mr Taylor who continues to display a total disregard for his obligations under the Ministerial Standards.
After misleading the Parliament six times in relation to his use of doctored documents, Mr Taylor yesterday failed to produce any documents to the Parliament which could confirm his version of events – despite being required to do so.  
As the report recommends, it is time for the Prime Minister to take action to restore public confidence in government integrity.
That starts by sacking Mr Taylor.