By Terri Butler MP and Senator Murray Watt

21 October 2020

The Morrison Government has still not delivered a statutory water authority, a central plank of their election commitment to drought-ravaged communities.

Announcing the commitment, Deputy Prime Minister McCormack claimed the National Water Grid would be a statutory authority. He has subsequently described it as an “independent statutory authority” that would “take petty politics out of water”.
But eighteen months after the announcement, it has been confirmed that the so-called National Water Grid “Authority” is still neither independent nor a statutory authority.
The CEO of the National Water Grid “Authority” confirmed in Senate Estimates yesterday that it just forms part of the Department.
“This is a Government that is always there for the photo op but never there for the follow up,” Terri Butler said.
“The Nationals say one thing in regional communities then do another in Canberra,” she said.
“The Liberal National Government always leaves regional Australians behind and fails to plan for the future,” Senator Watt said.
“This Government has been quick to make announcements and offer false hope for regional communities desperate for action on water security, but they fail to deliver time and time again,” he said.