By Terri Butler MP Shadow Minister for the Environment and Water

17 March 2021

The Prime Minister must explain why the Government paid at least $13 million more for water than an independent valuation advised it to, following explosive revelations today. 

Eastern Australia Agriculture received $80 million for floodplain water rights, but it has emerged this is at least $13 million over the odds.
Eastern Australia Agriculture has previously been linked to Angus Taylor.
Colliers International, the independent valuer that the Liberal National Government had used for the sale, reportedly described the Government’s actions as “not reasonable” after they took the top of the valuation band and added approximately 20 per cent.
Why did the Government pay a massive premium for water rights?
The revelations follow a series of government scandals, including the Government’s airport land rorts and scandals plaguing Mr Taylor.
We have had the Jam Land grassgate scandal, the dodgy documents scandal and now the water rorts scandal is rearing its head again. But the Prime Minister has consistently failed to act. 
Labor is calling for Scott Morrison to finally show leadership on the integrity crisis engulfing his Government. 
It’s clear that Mr Morrison has one rule for Liberal mates and another for everyday Australians.