World Environment Day 2020

05 June 2020

It’s World Environment Day today and the theme is “a time for nature”.
It’s a time for us to celebrate Australia, home to some of the most beautiful natural environments in the world.
While COVID-19 has kept us indoors, there has been no shortage of appreciation of our nature from Australians busting to return to the places we love.
While today we celebrate that we live in one of the few countries described as megadiverse, our biodiversity is under great threat.
Australia is facing an extinction crisis, which has been compounded by the recent national bushfires.
More than one billion animals perished, 12 million hectares of land burned, lives, homes and livelihoods were lost, but the Morrison Government has been slow on recovery and has failed to protect our iconic species.
The Morrison Government has ignored Labor’s calls to undertake a national ecological audit after the bushfire crisis, and as a result, do not know the extent to which our wildlife has suffered.
Consecutive Liberal and National Governments have failed to implement recovery plans for threatened species, with estimates that fewer than 40 per cent have a national recovery plan, and the government is clueless about whether existing plans are being implemented.
The Liberals and Nationals have cut the Environment Department by an estimated 40 per cent since they came to government.
In a cynical exercise to win seats, the Morrison Government used the Environment Restoration Fund as a dodgy slush fund to win the election, with almost 70 per cent of the projects based in Coalition held or target seats.
For Australians, it is a time to appreciate the nature we’ve got, and a time to make sure it’s still there for us in the future.