Australia Post Disappoints Locals; Morrison Government Must Step In

30 August 2019

Australia Post has today advised my office that they will not be relocating the post office within Stones Corner.

Instead they are currently going through due diligence to set up a community postal agent at a local business. This would not have the same facilities as the current post office.

This is not good enough for our community. 

Stones Corner is a thriving hub in the inner-city. Many locals and businesses rely on the post office, including use of the Post Office's PO Boxes, of which there are around 800.

The post office is also a drawcard for the area, which is important particularly given that retail is struggling under this Liberal government's economic mismanagement.

The Morrison government has the power to fix this problem. It must step in and make that locals and local businesses continue to have the benefit of a post office located in Stones Corner.

In a move reminiscent of Christopher Pyne's cynical petitioning of his own government against ABC cuts, government Senator Amanda Stoker has been running a petition about this issue.

If she genuinely wants to help, she can start by picking up the phone, calling the Minister on his mobile, and getting this problem fixed.