Butler calls for improved security at places of worship

11 October 2019

The incident at the Holland Park Mosque on Wednesday evening is deeply concerning and highlights the need to do more to support communities fighting racism and divisive acts that invoke fear. 

Our community stands together in demanding that places of worship must be free from acts designed to intimidate and divide. 

This latest incident comes only one month after the same Mosque was vandalised with graffiti that referenced racist symbolism and the Christchurch Mosque attack. 

The local Islamic community has been forced to crowdfund to improve security following the recent incidents. 

“It’s just not good enough,” Ms Butler said. 

“More must be done now to ensure the safety of our vulnerable communities. 

“The Morrison Government must take action to ensure people can worship securely and safely. 

“Their failure to do so is letting our community down. 

“I have spoken with a representative of the Mosque to offer my support,” she said. 

The Brisbane Southside community is close-knit, diverse and caring. 

The Mosque is a part of that community, having been there for more than a century. The support from locals vastly exceeds any hateful or racist conduct designed to intimidate and cause fear.