Butler gives Lifeblood - you can too

15 January 2020

It’s easier than ever for Southsiders to give blood this year, with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood ready to accept donations in 2020.

Member for Griffith Terri Butler said giving lifeblood was a great experience and can save lives.

“Giving blood is easy, quick, and the staff made everyone donating feel so comfortable,” Ms Butler said.

“It’s easy to forget, but your donation can save lives.”

According to the Australian Red Cross, the blood we donate can be made into 22 different medical treatments and save three lives. 34% of blood donated is used to treat patients fighting cancer and other blood diseases.

Ms Butler called on the community to get involved.

“If you’re eligible, you can donate,” Ms Butler said.

“It took me less than an hour to give blood.

“You walk away knowing you’re saving lives.

“It’s a great feeling,” Ms Butler said.

To donate visit: www.lifeblood.com.au