Morrison government leaves questions unanswered on the Barracks sale despite imminent purchaser announcement

29 August 2019

On Tuesday last week I wrote to Morrison government Minister Melissa Price asking for an update on the sale of the Bulimba Barracks.

I have not received any response from the Minister regarding my questions, which were about the timeframe for the sale, what was being done to remediate the site following the contaminants that had been found on it, what explicit requirements will be included in the contract for sale to provide additional assurance that any development will comply with the Bulimba Barracks masterplan, and what steps have been undertaken to ensure that the remainder of the property, which is being retained for use by HMAS Moreton, is adequate to meet the needs of the Commonwealth.

I haven’t received an answer from the Minister, but the Department has this morning emailed me to advise that the preferred purchaser will be announced to locals today.

The Hon Di Farmer MP, Councillor Kara Cook and I, as well as former councillor Shayne Sutton, have fought hard to make sure the site is masterplanned, and we have continuously called for transparency in relation to the sale. 

In contrast, The Morrison government has: 
• refused to commit any of the proceeds of the sale to the local community for infrastructure;
• seemingly failed to take any action to remediate the site; and 
• not yet answered my question about what is being done to make sure the remaining property will be suitable for the Navy’s, and the nation’s, needs.

Our community will expect the new purchaser to honour the masterplan and ensure that community amenity is considered at every stage.