Southside families keep paying more for child care under the Liberals

23 July 2020

The Government’s latest quarterly data has been released, and it shows the high child care fees that families in Griffith are now paying again.

The data shows fees in parts of Griffith increased by 4.5% over 12 months to December 2019. This is well over double the CPI of 1.8 per cent in the same period.
These are the high fees the Morrison Government has chosen to lump local families with again, by snapping back to their old child care system with no extra support to bring down out of pocket costs.
This data shows that before the pandemic, out of pocket child care costs were taking a huge chunk out of household budgets.

Now in the middle of a recession, when families are struggling to get by, these fees will be out of reach for many.
Families who have taken a pay cut over the past few months could be forced to give up child care, and in turn parents will be forced to give up work.
If families are forced to withdraw their children from early learning, it is the worst case scenario for everyone.
Parents will have to turn down work, children will miss out on early education, and providers will suffer from a drop in demand.
The Morrison Government must ensure early education is affordable, accessible and high quality for families in our community.