Turnbull government fails young people on jobs

04 July 2018

The Turnbull government’s atrocious record when comes to youth unemployment and youth underemployment has been exposed by a report from the Reserve Bank of Australia. 

The RBA’s research shows how tough it is for young people when it comes to jobs.  

The RBA has pointed out that youth unemployment is 7% above the national unemployment rate. 

The RBA has also said that young workers are not getting the hours they want. On average young workers would prefer to get another eleven hours’ work a week. 

The proportion of young people not working or studying has been at its highest in a decade. 

The Liberals have comprehensively failed young people when it comes to jobs. 

This report is a damning indictment on this terrible government and its inability to do anything about youth unemployment or youth underemployment. 

One of their first acts in government was to cut the successful Youth Connections program.  

They brought in the PaTH program, which the Prime Minister last week bragged was helping “thousands” of young people get work. 

The real figures tell a different story. As at 20 May, there had been  5,473 PaTH placements and only 292 young Australians had a job six months later. That’s less than 20 per cent of the anticipated 30,000 placements and only a miniscule number of young Australians overall. 

This is not dissimilar to another of the Liberal’s failing job programs; Work For the Dole which also has just a 20 per cent success rate for job outcomes.

The Turnbull government needs to stop waging its war on young people. No more cuts to education. No more penalty rates cuts.

Young Australians are sick of this arrogant and out of touch Prime Minister and they deserve more.