Young people lose under this Liberal government

04 April 2019

Younger Australians aren’t getting a fair go under Scott Morrison and the Liberals. They are failing young people, who are finding it harder to get ahead in life.
The things that are important to young people have been neglected or cut under the Liberals, and this Budget is no different.
Since Abbott’s reckless cuts to the youth sector in 2014, young Australians and youth organisations have been calling for a representation in and to government.
They have been calling for a Federal Minister for Youth. But Scott Morrison hasn’t appointed one.
They have been calling for a national youth peak representative organisation. But Scott Morrison hasn’t funded one.
Young Australians have had to put up with six years of neglect under the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison governments.
Under the Liberals, young Australians are losing faith in politics, and want better representation in our democracy. 
Our planet is being robbed of its future because of the conservative ideological denial of climate change and global warming.
Young Australians are being robbed of quality, accessible education and training through endless funding cuts to their schools, universities and TAFEs.
They are leaving uni saddled with debt that they have to repay sooner.
Some younger Australians are finding it harder to get a job, or enough work.
Those that do have a job are getting their penalty rates cut.
Under the Liberals, the great Australian dream of home ownership has turned into a nightmare and many are stuck paying high rents.
All Australians deserve a fair go. Only Labor can deliver a government that will work for and with young people, and make sure their voices are heard.