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Butler to attend the Change the Rules rally

November 20, 2018

Terri Butler MP will attend today's Change the Rules rally in Brisbane.

"Australia needs a payrise," Terri Butler said.

"Wages are continuing to stagnate. Last week's labour force figures show that wages growth is nowhere near what it was under the previous Labor government, or under the Howard government.

"With incomes in the doldrums, too much job insecurity, high underemployment, and significant cost-of-living pressures, it's no wonder Australians are demanding change.

"Each of these problems puts pressure on households and on the economy as a whole.

"Working people want to know that they'll be able to pay the bills. Parents want to know that their kids will have decent living standards in the future.

"Real progress on these issues requires a change to the rules - such as the rules on labour hire and the need to introduce a same job, same pay principle into Australian law. Labor has a policy based on that principle.

"Changing the rules will take a change of government," she said.

The rally will be held today, November 20, 2018 at 12:30pm, at Emma Miller Place, 109 Roma St, Brisbane.