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LNP Budget fails Southsiders on traffic and transport

April 03, 2019

The Morrison government's budget has failed Southsiders by failing to inject substantial transport funding to bust traffic congestion.

Once again, the LNP has failed to commit federal funds to Cross River Rail.

If Labor is elected the Commonwealth will contribute $2.24 billion to Cross River Rail. 

Without transformative projects like Cross River Rail, the economic cost of traffic congestion in Brisbane and across the South East will increase almost five-fold to over $9 billion a year, as early as 2031.

The LNP's budget also fails to take any action on a major traffic snarl on the Southside, the Cavendish Road level crossing at Coorparoo. 

I've been calling for the removal of that level crossing since I was first elected. 

And I'm not alone. The South-East Queensland Council of Mayors identified as the removal of the Cavendish Road level crossing as a priority in 2016, and again as recently as this year in their 2019 people mass movement study. 

By failing to commit any money at all to this project, the LNP are letting down Southsiders, in my electorate of Griffith, and beyond.

This government talks a big game about busting congestion, but they've ignored two crucial projects that would alleviate traffic problems on the Southside.