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Jobs, jobs, jobs, opposing the pay cut, and more.

By Terri Butler MP

07 February 2021

What happened when Parliament returned?

This week in Australian politics, parliament returns for the year.

By Terri Butler MP

31 January 2021

Lots to talk about this week as parliament returns for the year.

Need a dose of positivity?

By Terri Butler MP

24 January 2021

Australian politics can seem pretty negative so this week here's something different - a does of positivity to restore your faith in people. The Griffith Australia Day Awards recognise volunteers who perform extraordinary or outstanding voluntary work in the Griffith electorate. The former Member for Griffith, the Hon Kevin Rudd AC, established these awards in 2000. They've been announced on Australia Day ever since, though in recent years we have moved the award ceremony to a later date with a view to making sure everyone can feel included. In this video, meet some of our wonderful locals and hear what volunteering means to them.

Great Barrier Reef Update

By Terri Butler

17 January 2021

Terri visits the Great Barrier Reef.

Australian politics: Is Scott Morrison powerless or duplicitous?

By Terri Butler MP

10 January 2021

Australian politics: Is Scott Morrison powerless or duplicitous? Why are members of his own government permitted to make outrageous statements? Is he powerless to stop them, or is he just happy for mixed messages to be sent from his government?

This week in Australian politics: more Morrison government cuts

By Terri Butler MP

03 January 2021

Scott Morrison is bringing in the new year by cutting crucial financial support to millions of Australians, who stand to lose up to $300 per fortnight.

Terri Butler's summer reading guide

By Terri Butler MP

27 December 2020

OK, confession time: I did not record an Australian politics video over Christmas. But I did pre-record this clip about some of the books I read during 2020, as a sort of summer reading guide. The first one's a bit esoteric and far from a new release but most of the books in the list were new in 2020. I like to think there's something in this list for everyone who is interested in auspol. And as usual I've picked a comment of the week - this time, from my Instagram account. As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments.

An auspol Christmas with Terri Butler MP

By Terri Butler MP

20 December 2020

It's Christmas in Australian politics but not everyone's happy.

This week in Australian politics: ten things to know as parliament finishes for the year.

By Terri Butler MP

13 December 2020

The Australian parliament has risen for the year and the Morrison Liberal National Government has limped to the finish line. They have shown time and again that they're all about the photo-op and never about the follow-up. The Australian Labor Party has been holding Scott Morrison to account.

This video gives you ten things to know about the last sitting fortnight of the year in Australian politics.

Isn't Australian politics rigged anyway?

By Terri Butler MP

06 December 2020

I make weekly videos on Australian politics and for this video I put out a call to my Instagram followers, asking what topics they would like covered. Someone suggested "Does democracy still matter" and so I have made not one but three videos on the topic. This week's video is the third of the three. Spoiler alert: yes, I think democracy does still matter. Even in 2020, or maybe especially in 2020.

I'm a Labor politician so I'm predisposed to think that it actually matters who forms executive government in Australia. As an Australian Labor politician it is important to me to expose some of the underlying issues that support the entrenchment of conservative rule, and to discuss why it actually serves the Liberals and Nationals' agenda when government isn't being run so well.