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Does democracy still matter?

By Terri Butler MP

22 November 2020

This week's video is the first of the three. Spoiler alert: yes, I think democracy does still matter. Even in 2020, or maybe especially in 2020. I'm a Labor politician so I'm predisposed to think that it actually matters who forms executive government in Australia. As an Australian Labor politician it is important to me to expose some of the underlying issues that support the entrenchment of conservative rule, and to discuss why it actually serves the Liberals and Nationals' agenda when government isn't being run so well.

This week in Australian politics: koalas, shado...

By Terri Butler

15 November 2020

In Question Time I asked the government a $615,986 question. And Labor continued to prosecute the case against the government's woeful track record on koala protection. Water infrastructure and water management are key issues for this government and they're not up to scratch. So we kept the pressure up this week. The plight of the koala is really important as this is an iconic Australian species. It is heart-breaking to see a baby koala left stranded without its parents following bushfires, and it is terrible to see the impact of habitat loss and disease. But the government is really dragging its feet on koala protection.